Too much technique

Today I watched a video of a pastry chef who spent hours making a dessert that featured a huge slicer, a dehydrator, gellan gum, instant freezer, and for what. A carrot cake with ice cream and a carrot curl. Too much state of the art for the state of the problem. C’mon, guys. Stop showing off your equipment ( in too many ways! ) ! Make something that tastes good and and does not need a three ring circus of technology. Enough already.

2 thoughts on “Too much technique

  1. I agree! Unfortunately, this ‘style’ of cooking is promoted by many media outlets and fostered by those who watch. I have many cooking conversations where people will emphasize the wiz-bangs and equipment they admire in a demonstration with no mention of taste. Conversely and thankfully, there are plenty of smart people who realize the idiocy of this style of cooking.


  2. Hi Joyce,
    My time working at Square One taught me more about cooking than anyplace I have ever worked or studied. I remember the rule of 3 main items and keeping it fresh and simple and tasting everything. It was an amazing experience and I thank you for being so tough and having such high standards. Nice to see you again! Hope the family is well.
    Victoria Moreno
    (pastry dept)


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