Bravo Le Creuset

This is an amazing story. Amazing in these days where our expectations are lowered.

For many years I have had an assortment of Le Creuset enamel covered cast iron cookware.  I have gratin dishes, terrines, small covered stew pots and a few that are gigantic enough to prepare stew to feed a crowd.  One of my favorites did double duty.  Yes, I made many a daube and spezzatino in that pot, but even more important, every summer I used it for cooking preserves. I found the enamel cast iron a great conductor and retainer of even heat and  an ideal vehicle for simmering jams, chutneys, mostardas and the like. 

Now,  often when I am trying to do too much at one time, I have taken my eye off the pot and stopped stirring. Food has become stuck on the bottom of the pot. Burnt sugar and caramelized fruit are really hard to remove. Even with soaking, simmering on stove top, baking soda etc. sometimes demonic scrubbing (  a no-no)  is required and that eventually  damages the pot’s interior. So after at least  30 years of use and abuse  my 13 1/2 quart pot was a mess.

I called Le Creuset to see if it could be repaired and they said to send it to them.  I had hoped that the interior surface could be re- enameled.  But do you know what they did?  They sent me a NEW pot. A very expensive new pot. Even though I was responsible  for the eventual  wearing away of the interior, they stood by their magnificent product and sent me a new pot.  How amazing is that!  I am so impressed I want to say Bravo to Le Creuset, not only for making great cookware but for being an upstanding company that delivers astounding customer service.

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