Off to the Mediterranean

I know, I know. I’ve been remiss but I have been so busy I could not keep up.  Mea culpa.

I am about to leave on a National Geographic Cruise of Islands in the Mediterranean. I will be doing cooking demos on the ship, market walks and cheese and salumi tastings with the guests. This is the first break from writing for my new book. I guess I forgot to mention that huge new project. A History of California Cuisine , for University of California Press.  I have been intervewing people like mad . Only 100 more to go.

 I need to take some time off to think and digest all the info.  And maybe eat a few arancini in  Palermo, Brin d’Amour in Corsica, lamb and carta di musica in Sardinia  and Tapas in Spain. See you soon.

2 thoughts on “Off to the Mediterranean

  1. Hi Joyce,

    I have been remiss in sending cards or writing – sorry. It’s been too long. I hope you have been well. From what I can see on your website you are still busy. It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since I started working at Square One. Where does the time go? I went back to work a couple of years ago. The economy hit Russ’s business very hard. We saw the handwriting on the wall and I decided to dust off my accounting skills again. I am the controller for a small manufacturing company – we build fire trucks! Anyway, that has kept me out of mischief. I get centered on weekends by cooking. Your books are still my bibles. We have also learned to cook Indian foods – we are lucky to have an Indian market in Modesto. This weekend we will be making some Italian sausage. My sister-in-law is Italian and her dad gave me his recipe. We grow as many fresh veggies in our garden as possible. Most of the yard is taken up by the pool, so we plant in the flower beds. Lots of herbs, too. Before I went back to work I had started making soap – it’s like magic. I will continue making time for soap making, it’s a wonderful product. I am rambling on and on. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I think of you often – and still miss Square One. Love you, my friend. Sandy


  2. I want to hear about the trip?!?!? It made me salivate just thinking about those places given the amazing food/culture. Sounds like a great (huge) book project too.


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