Client List

Working with Joyce is so much fun. Her creativity and years of experience facilitated the crafting of some amazing products for Bi-Rite. My favorite project with Joyce was the production of quince paste specifically for us. She was so excited to collaborate with our farmer network to turn quince, often from single trees, into the most exquisite membrillo. Joyce is skilled, passionate and a great communicator, a pure joy to work with.

Sam Mogannam — Bi-Rite Market

It has been my absolute honor and pleasure to work with Joyce on several projects. Whether it be a wonderful Passover Seder inspired by her book (Perbacco) or a complete menu consulting project (Porta Blu at the Hotel Nia), Joyce is our go to chef. Her knowledge candor and experience always lead to an outcome that makes perfect and delicious sense for our projects. She is a prolific chef and now I am also lucky enough to call her a friend as well. She is a remarkable lady with the best taste in the business.

Andrew Freeman — AF & Company

I have had the privilege, pleasure and honor to work with Joyce Goldstein, without a doubt one of the highest authority in Mediterranean Cuisine if not the highest. She has pioneered the flavors and culture of these countries, introducing tapas and mezzas in San Francisco’s cuisine and gastronomy’s avant garde. Working with her at the Greystone Restaurant at the CIA allowed me a glimpse of her vast repertoire. Her immense knowledge coupled with her tremendous ability to develop applications, relevant for various occasions, is what drove me to reach out and ask her for help. It was Joyce’s guidance that helped us to develop plant-centric concepts and menus at Yale University back in 2009. Transformation of the salad bar, intense utilization of legumes, grains and olive oil in the most seductive way, teaching taste, appreciating wine and food in a complementary approach, flavor intensity and ingredient quality and specifications are among courses and teachings that students and Yale Hospitality employees become enriched by. We love and cherish every opportunity we get to work with her.

Rafi Taherian, Associate Vice President — Yale Hospitality

“It was really an honor and a lot of fun to work with Joyce. Since she was the original consulting chef when the restaurant first opened in 1997, it was great to be able to refer to her for much of the original ideas and recipes. From there, we worked on menu items that could tell a story, but stick to its origins and also make sure it tasted great.
Joyce’s palate and knowledge of food is on another level and her kind, no nonsense approach made it easy and comfortable to work together with.”

Sharon Nahm, Chef and GM — E&O Restaurant


2017 – Present Nia Hotel
2010 – 2017 Bi Rite Market
2016 Blue Wing Restaurant Tallman Hotel – Upper Lake, California
2009 – 2016 Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives – Culinary Institute of America
2010 – 2016 Yale University Revamped the entire salad program
2014 – 2015 Espressamente Illy Cafes
2014 – 2015 Kairos Greek Kitchen – Charlotte South Carolina
2014 – 2015 E&O Restaurant – San Francisco
2013 – 2014 Bluestem Brasserie – San Francisco
2006 – 2007 Consultant- Quaintance Weaver Restaurants – North Carolina
2004 – 2005 Consultant- Kimpton Restaurant Group – Ponzu, Grand Cafe
1997 – 1999 Consultant- E&O Trading Company -S.E. Asian Restaurant Microbrewery-opening menu, recipes
1997 Consultant- Breadline – Washington D.C.
1997 Consultant- Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant at CIA St. Helena
1996-99 Consultant – Levy Restaurants – Chicago
1996 Consultant – Pasqua – San Francisco
1996 – 2000 Consultant – Spazzo Mediterranean Grill – Seattle- Schwartz Bros.
1995 Consultant – Whole Foods Market – San Francisco store opening
1995-96 Consultant – STARS Palo Alto Restaurant ( now closed)
1994-5 Consultant – Il Fornaio – recipe development, staff training for retail stores

Recipe Development:
1991-94 Developed no-fat vegetarian recipes for Dr. Dean Ornish ¬– Eat More, Weight Less and taught at his retreats
1995 – on going Center for Culinary Development- Chef’s Advisory Council
1996 Recipe, product development- California Sun Dry Foods, Lipton,
2004 -5 Recipe Consultant- U.S Potato Board – media and recipes
2004 Recipe consultant – California Rice Council
2005 Recipe consultant- POM Wonderful
2005- Recipe, menu consultant California Street Delicatessen- SFJCC
2007 Recipe Consultant- Fresh Market at Fairbanks in Prentice Women’s Hospital, Chicago
2007 Developed recipes for Evan Goldstein’s Perfect Pairings
2008 Recipes for Rosati Winery

1990-1 Spokesperson for California Walnut Board, recipe development
1994 Spokesperson for Near East Foods, recipe development-media tour
1993-96 Spokesperson – Joseph Phelps Vineyards Vin du Mistral media tour
1996 Spokesperson – Villa Mt. Eden Wines
1998 Spokesperson -Quaker Oatmeal – recipes, media tour
1998 Spokesperson – Williams Sonoma Lifestyles series- media tour