teaching at the Spa

I have just returned from teaching at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Tecate, Baja California, a really beutiful place. Gorgeous landscaping, fine facilities, cozy casitas, a great sports program, where you can hike, bike, do Pilates, Yoga, cardio drummning, work and stretch all of your muscles, and also get massages and facials. Sounds like heaven. The also have a beautiful cooking school. I was there to teach three hands-on classes . What I did not realize is that many of those who signed up for a class had never cooked anything ever! It was pretty scary watching beginners wield a dull 10 inch chef’s knife. We all survived,  had fun cooking  in teams and made some very tasty food. In fact the food we cooked was tastier than the too fussy food at the Ranch. Every dish they served either had too many ingredients or not enough real flavor  for me. I know I am spoiled but I think I was not alone in this opinion.  The saddest news to report is that after walking miles, no wine at meals and eating tiny portions of a mostly vegetarian menu. I did not lose an ounce.   How bummed am I.

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