The big manuscript is in!

I have been silent here for too long but have been buried in my book project. It is a history of California cuisine for the University of California Press, due to be published in Spring of 2012.

It has taken me a long time to complete this project as it was massive.  I interviewed 188 chefs, artisans, farmers, designers, front of house people, wine makers , critics, writers, in other words people who were here for this revolutionary time in California’s culinary development. The interviews had to be transcribed and then I had to organize all of the material into the proper chapters .

Now the manuscript is with my editors who will probably have to do some cutting as it is too long. But I did not want to leave any major gaps in this complicated story.  I pray that they do not shrink it  too much.

So I hope to have more time to keep up with this blog.  Enjoy the summer produce. This weekend I am putting up preserves with ym grandkids. What fun!

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